Product Range

Cargo Barriers

Every Milford Cargo Barrier is specifically designed, tested and manufactured in strict accordance with the Australian Standard for Cargo Barriers – AS/NZS 4034.1 while conforming with all relevant Australian Design Regulations (ADR’s) to provide the ultimate protection under the most demanding driving conditions.

Utilising the very latest and highly innovative IP, CAD, FEA, QA & APQP technologies, systems and processes, our product realisation process enables swift speed to market whilst ensuring proven performance and the most economical solution delivery possible.


Every Milford towbar is designed, tested and built to meet your most demanding requirement. Certified to the highest Australian and International Standards, Milford Towbars are designed to complement modern vehicle platforms and utilise the most efficient use of materials and production methods available so as to deliver a highly cost effective product solution.

Our Development technicians utilise the latest CAD Modelling and FEA software available in designing a highly effective vehicle/towing package delivering predictable and dependable performance proven in our sophisticated test laboratory utilising both static and dynamic test apparatus.

Towbar Wiring

Milford ECS Tow Bar Wiring Harness kits are the simplest, most convenient and complete tow bar wiring system on the market.

Every Milford ECS tow bar wiring harness solution guarantees absolute satisfaction by seamlessly integrating all OE vehicle technologies with the highest level of wiring performance and installation ease available!

Sealed Cargo Barriers

Milford’s Sealed Cargo Barrier range provides the maximum level of occupant protection whilst also including an optimum level of driver comfort from temperature extremes and potentially hazardous fumes.

Milford’s Sealed Cargo Barriers are made of high quality sheet metal, coated in a durable white powder polyester finish and featur a fully sealed, non-meshed, acrylic window for maximum rear vision.

Tested and rated to meet the demanding requirements of AS/NZS 4034.1, Milford’s Sealed Cargo Barriers offer the highest level of occupant protection.

ErgoRack Ladder System

Milford’s award winning ErgoRack™ is the answer to easy ladder transportation. Both ergonomically and economically, it’s the sensible solution for ladder transportation. Best of all, ErgoRack™ is so easy to use.

ErgoRack™ is operated from the ground, so there’s no need to lift heavy loads above your shoulders or climb onto the roof, Tow Bar or bumper to load your ladder; which is great news for fleet managers who must comply with strict WH&S regulations.


The Milford EcoRack delivers a high load capacity while its modular configuration maximises the return on investment. Available in both dual/triple crossbar and full length, high sided, multiple cross bar with ladder roller configurations, EcoRack features a modern design utilising heavy duty, anodised aluminium construction.

EcoRack’s lightweight, aerodynamic design reduces fuel consumption and wind noise while also maximising the load carrying capability of vehicles.


The CabGard Cargo Barrier by Milford offers a new dimension in occupant protection and professional load management for utility & pick-up vehicles. The CabGard product is designed to assist fleets provide a safe working environment for their employees in the widest possible range of driving environments. It’s also an ideal protection device for those who drive off-road and recreational vehicles.


The Milford GearSafe® provides a purposeful level of load restraint combined with functionality and ease of use.
It successfully organises loose items in the vehicle while keeping them safely restrained and visually secure from prying eyes outside of the vehicle.
GearSafe® can store a wide variety of items used during the working week as well as catering for general purpose, off road, sporting and family requirements on the weekend.
GearSafe® employs a unique, patented, quick action fold and release mechanism which allows it to be easily folded, stored and moved from one vehicle to another without special tools.

Air Conditioning Curtains

Milford Air Conditioning Curtains are designed to maximise climate control and environmental protection by separating the cargo area from the cabin of the vehicle.
With a quick development and manufacturing turn around time, Milford’s Air Conditioning Curtains are a valuable accessory complement for our traditional Cargo Barrier product.

Weight Distribution Hitches

Milford Ultra Load Weight Distribution Hitch (WDH) kits are available in 270 kg (600lb) and 360kg (800lb) variants. Milford WDH’s are a round bar style and come fully assembled with a friction style anti sway control unit also available as an option. Featuring a parallel mounted / straight bar design and standard fit grease nipples, the Milford WDH allows for rapid adjustment by way of easy lock chain lift brackets to ensure hassle free maneuvering and reversing.