• Skilled labour force

  • High-Tech Machinery
  • Facilities that deliver on quality & precision

  • Enviable Industrial Relations & OH&S record

Milford’s world renowned Cargo Barriers and Towbars demand equipment and processes that deliver power, precision, speed, quality, low cost, durability and productivity. Milford’s manufacturing facilities employ a skilled workforce dedicated to producing our range of quality products. Many of these employees have a long and distinguished service record within the organisation. The safety of our employees is paramount and we are dedicated to employing the best possible systems and procedures to achieve this, in doing so, Milford has an enviable OH&S record.

  • CNC Tube Bending
  • Robotic / Pulse & Mig Welding
  • CNC  High Definition Cutting
  • High Capacity Press Punching
  • CNC Plate/Sheet  Folding

We also employ a state of the art ERP / MRP system to carefully monitor and manage production from the time an order is placed right up until it is dispatched. Automated order confirmation, back order and advanced shipment notification are just some of the important features of this system. Capabilities like this are indispensable in producing quality Cargo Barrier, Towbars and other products for the automotive industry.